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The double pink photo looks fuzzy, but the fabric is perfectly clear.Simply write Double Pink or White Floral on the comments line on the order page at offer has been extended until next weekend, July 18 midnight, PST. , 2- 4.5x9" strips, or keep it as one block in your quilt or fabric collection. On the front is a check list of the main features of a 20th century vs. quilt) The Guides will help you date the era of a quilt or decide upon the style you'd like to make with that great repro fabric you just had to buy!The Guild Website is at The most recent press release is copied below, detailing the first two exhibitions.Out of interest, in view of the recent conversation, it also mentions the Guild's prize possession - the earliest known dated patchwork, which they refer to as the '1718 Patchwork Coverlet'.Thank you to Janet Dykstra for answering my question about the origins of "following suit," which came from playing card games such as bridge or hearts. I was an avid card game player during cold Chicago winters as a kid and I was good.We played gin, canasta, and double solitaire, but Michigan Rummy was my favorite when 4 or more were playing.Date: Fri, -0700 X-Message-Number: 1 Can anyone send me some names of, specifically, textile conservators in or around Detroit.

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Around two-thirds of the quilts on display in the opening exhibition will be from the Guild's own Collection while the remainder of items on show will be borrowed from contemporary quiltmakers including artists like Pauline Burbidge. Press Release - Europe's only museum dedicated to quilting and textile arts opens its new facility on 7 June 2008, in historic Yorks medieval St Anthonys Hall.The Quilt Museum and Gallery will become the national headquarters of the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles and its world- famous Heritage Collection.By grouping together quilts that are not normally associated with each other, the exhibition will demonstrate that quiltmakers everywhere have addressed techniques in similar ways.An early 20th century Hawaiian quilt, for example, will be put alongside a circa 1980 ralli from Pakistan and a 19th-century Pennsylvania cherenschnitte to show the familiar fold and cut method used in appliqu. Hoping to see tulips around here in the next month or so, Gloria Nixon ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: DC quilt events?

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