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It should be understood that the data view modules 106 are static and thus may only be updated upon the reloading (or refreshing) of a web page.

It should further be understood by those skilled in the art that each of the data view modules 106 may comprise a data form web part class which provides the functionality for displaying a data view on a web page.

In the past, data views have been "static" which imposes several limitations on user interaction with displayed data.

These limitations include having to reload the entire web page (including data views which may not need to be updated) or visit other pages in order to perform basic operations such as updating data, adding data, filtering data and sorting data.

It is to be understood that both the foregoing general description and the following detailed description are illustrative only and are not restrictive of the invention as claimed.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS [0005] FIGURE 1 is a network architecture diagram of a system configured to create and manage data view modules for asynchronously updating data on a web page, in accordance with various embodiments; [0006] FIGURE 2 is a block diagram illustrating a computing environment for implementing various embodiments described herein; [0007] FIGURE 3 A is a screenshot diagram of an illustrative web page showing multiple data views, in accordance with various embodiments.

In one embodiment, the asynchronous update functions 108 may comprise Asynchronous Java Script and XML ("AJAX") functionality.

As is known to those skilled in the art, AJAX utilizes a combination of a number of Web-based technologies including extensible markup language (XML) and Java Script which enables applications to make updates to a user interface without reloading the entire web page.

For example, users can use a number of document templates or fragments to prepare documents which are generated by members of a particular workgroup in a business organization.

[0019] The asynchronous update functions 108 may comprise a function library including program code which may be utilized to incorporate dynamic functionality into static data view modules.

In particular, those skilled in the art should appreciate that the asynchronous update functions 108 may be utilized to build on top of existing data form web part classes to create data views which may allow the updating of data (which may include data filtering, sorting, and the viewing of additional data operations), without having to reload or refresh an entire web page.

As is known to those skilled in the art and as defined herein, a "data view" is a display area on a web page for viewing data which may be independent of other data also displayed on the web page (the other data may also be displayed in one or more additional data views).

[0017] The server applications 104 may be configured deliver web pages (including content contained in the data view modules 106 and the modified data view modules 110) to the client computer 120.

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