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This article explains how these errors occur and how to manually repair and prevent them.The article also introduces you to Doc Tools Cross Reference Manager – an advanced Word add-in that makes the work with cross-references much faster and easier and that can help you automatically repair and prevent cross-reference problems in the future.Top of page Read below if you want to manually find and fix the cross-reference problems instead of letting the Doc Tools Cross Reference Manager add-in help you: A cross-reference is a field, i.e.set of codes that instructs Microsoft Word to automatically insert material into a document.

In the second example, the numbered paragraphs are in the first cell in the row.

This means that the inserted cross-reference will show whatever number is found in the first paragraph in the first cell in the row instead of the number you selected.

If the first paragraph in the first cell isn't numbered, the cross-reference will show 0.

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