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Plots are often not uncovered until the very moment you are asked for moneydo not feel guilty into giving them any, no matter how thick they lay it on.

No matter how far fetched getting scammed may seem, it will probably happen to you if you are staying for a long time in the country. ," and one got the "rice for the family." These three common scams are explained below: Guestbook: A Gambian approaches you and tells you all about how he was just married or how his son was just born.

He may offer to pay for your drink at a bar, he may well be driving a flashy car.

They know the streets, and they know every little thing about their city, which makes them the best companion there could be.Banjul, being an African city, promises an adventure related to wildlife and nature.You can enjoy a relaxing moment in River Gambia National Park.There are too many to list here but here are some of the more common hard-luck sop stories: You are given a 'free' gift like a cheap bead necklace which is used as an avenue to lure you into deeper conversation & 'friendship'.This trickster may be a patient kind of guy & will elicit your cash another day.

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