Bill murray dating duff

His mother left the family when he was ten years old.Their father, Rex, an air traffic controller, raised them as a solo parent, and money was tight; Murray has said that he was a target for bullies because of the clothes he wore.

"That's when I really fell in love with great acting," Murray recalled about the high-school job in an interview with Buffalo News writer, Toni Ruberto.

Murray was cast as Rory's arrogant classmate and romantic interest when she starts a new school year at an elite private academy.

In the 2001–02 television season, Murray appeared in several episodes of Dawson's Creek, a hit teen drama.

It was reset in the emergency room, and "a week later, I finally started getting work," he told Lauren Brown in a Cosmo GIRL! In the show, he played a rich teenager who doesn't like his own family.

In 2000, he went on an audition for a WB pilot, Day One, and though the show never went into production, WB executives thought Murray had potential and signed him to a development deal.

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