Bow wow and keke palmer dating

Working primarily from photographs, I strive to capture the special quality that makes each individual who they are.

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He made his debut today alongside three other co-hosts, putting an end to the speculation. 106 & Park,” Bow Wow has the most appearances in the show’s 12-year show history and has guest hosted several times. Mykie, 23; Paigion, 24; and Shorty Da Prince, 23 as his co-hosts. Mykie, hailing from Houston, TX, Paigon, and Shorty Da Prince, both from Detroit, competed against thousands of hopefuls to earn their spot.

The former So So Def/Sony Records star reportedly owes 0,000 to a Tennessee-based coach company for 2009 tour-bus services.

According to, in October 2011 a Georgia judge asked Bow Wow to produce documents after the trial had been moved to the rapper’s state of residence.

Recently he went on Instagram and recorded a video where he whipped out a gun -- that he now claims was a fake -- and said, "I'll kill yo bitch ass." Skrill Dilly, an artist/writer who has previously worked with Soulja, says the "Superman" rapper was talking to him, and that death threat is now ruining his life.

TMZ reports: In his lawsuit, Skrill says Soulja actually put a ,000 bounty on his head.

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