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These private chats are sometimes called instant messages, or buddy chats.Once someone gets you into a private chat, he or she can say anything to you and no one else can see.Teens enter a room; start a conversation with someone who gains their confidence by being sympathetic and willing to "listen" to their problems and offers them wonderful advice or counsel and before they know it, they've established a relationship that can lead to them being cyberstalked, sent pornography, or even pressured to arrange a real-world meeting.Most chat programs include the option to send private messages, or chat one-on-one.When children are in a chat area they are in a very public "place".

They can pretend to be supportive and sympathetic in order to gain the trust of the young person by being willing to "listen" to their problems and provide friendship.You enter a chat room, strike up a conversation with someone, and before you know it, you have made a new friend.You need to remember that people can pretend to be whoever they want to be online.With the dangers of online predators growing you should take precautions now to find out if there is a problem before it's too late.Before You Chat When you participate in online chats, you will need to adhere to particular rules and etiquette guidelines.

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