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The reason for the increase, state biologists say, is because cougar populations continue to grow.Wildlife advocates, however, say the state’s methods are flawed.The Utah Cougar Management Plan has been revised three times.Robinson has been part of the advisory group during each revision, advocating for cougars nearly 30 years.

The rest of the advisory group was comprised of hunters and farmers, along with two federal government representatives and one Utah State University researcher.DWR models suggest numbers between 1,900 and 4,000 adult animals.Authorizing hunters to potentially take 14 percent to 30 percent of the cougar population is unconscionable, conservationists say.That helps to ensure we have a good adult component.” At least 15 percent of the cougars must be over five years old.Using those numbers, state biologists figure they’ll maintain a stable to growing population in Utah, Debloois said.

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