Courtship and dating in spain

One of his sisters is about to go on trial for tax fraud.And his country is crawling back from a crippling economic crisis.Last week, Queen Elizabeth II became Britain’s longest-serving monarch — an accomplishment not at all certain 20 years ago, after separations, divorces and public calls for the abolition of the institution.Now the Spanish monarchy is on shaky ground, a fate few would have predicted in the heyday of King Juan Carlos I.In 1992, the 6-foot-6 sports nut enjoyed one of the real perks being prince: a spot on the Spanish sailing team at the Barcelona Olympics, where he carried his country’s flag at the opening ceremony.

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I’m a Juancarlist.”“The monarchy has played a very important role, and still plays an important role, in Spain,” says Ramon Gil-Casares, Spain’s ambassador to the United States.

He was always a serious kid who embraced his future role with a laserlike focus: military training in the army, navy and air force, where he became a helicopter pilot; a law degree in Madrid; a master’s in international relations from Georgetown University; speaker of Spanish, French and English.

From the age of 22, he began the lifelong job of traveling throughout Spain and Latin America soaking up all things Spanish.

She married her high school literature teacher when she was 25, a union that lasted less than a year.

The beautiful brunette quickly rose in her broadcasting career, reporting for Bloomberg News, CNN and Television España.

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