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This is the same year that he kidnapped, raped, beat and tried to kill his first known victim.Tali Shapiro was an 8-year-old on her way to school when she was lured into Alcala's car, an act that did not go unnoticed by a nearby motorist who followed the two and contacted police.Alcala, now using the name John Berger, fled to New York and enrolled in NYU film school.

The second conviction was overturned by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.Alcala took Tali into his apartment where he raped, beat and attempted to strangle her with a 10-pound metal bar.When police arrived, they kicked in the door and found Tali laying on the kitchen floor in a large puddle of blood and not breathing.All attention went to trying to keep her alive, and at some point, Alcala managed to slip out the backdoor.When searching Alcala's apartment, the police found several pictures, many of young girls.

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