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Starting Tuesday, there's even the option to sync with Google and backup your texts and contacts to a spreadsheet so you don't lose them even when you burn the phone number.

"The thing we’re talking about with connections to Slack, you’re not seeing that from the big carriers," Cohn said.

Burner, the app, wants to turn that idea of a discardable phone number into a positive business tool — and a way to safeguard yourself when dating.

Carter and Cohn first hit on the idea in 2012 when they were building a different app that could show when people were available to talk.

It's also turned out to be a great tool for dating.

Instead of giving out a personal cell phone number that can be reversed traced back to the individual, more men and women are signing up to give themselves a layer of privacy.

The team initially underestimated how many different ways people would use a Burner number.

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"We think phone numbers in the future are important in the ecosystem," Cohn said.If the relationship ends badly, it's easy to burn the phone number and move on.If the relationship flourishes, most people eventually move to the personal numbers, but it's increasingly less awkward to have that conversation, Carter says.The first lesson they learned, though, was that people wanted a Burner phone number more than just once."We thought it was part of the fun, but you could almost hear the screams when people accidentally got rid of the number in the middle of a Craigslist deal," Cohn said.

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