Dating profiles women is brett michael still dating taya

That means he might worry he'll invest time messaging you only to find you won't meet in person.

"If he's willing to hide how you met from friends and family, what might he hide from ? He hears: I don't have strong opinions about anything or I spend a lot of time on the couch in my sweats watching movies.

You might, however, scare off an honest man who fears you're carrying baggage from a previous relationship.

"Good guys may think you sound angry and bitter," says Katz. If your world revolves around your children, where would a guy fit in?

Online dater Eli suggests saying you're equally passionate about your career and maintaining relationships outside of work.

"I think it's attractive that a woman has achieved professional success, but I want to know that she hasn't done it at the expense of her personal life."You say: I'm extremely picky.

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