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As of now John and Nikki seem to be having time of their life and they look like a perfect couple.

There have been rumors about Cena and Nikki being engaged.

She also mentions Sasha Banks, Paige, and Becky Lynch; she says she visited the when Becky first arrived and is ecstatic to see how far she’s come. You can follow Mark Haggerty and B Player Radio on Facebook and Twitter.

They sure are in for a long run and maybe very soon the wedding bells will ring for the two.

" Mickie is upset her eyes start to water, John, "Mickie, I didn't mean it like that." Mickie, "Yes you did but whatever." She walks away.

Later that night-John is looking for Mickie calling her name, "Mickie,…Mickie! " He starts to hear her screaming and it sounds like Mickie. Mickie is holding her ribs and Trish has a chair in her hands. " END SEGMENTJohn vs Chris (TLC, WHC)Chris comes out and Trish is by his side. They all kiss and Mickie and Trish go on commentary.(They have to sit on separate sides).

JR reads a Twitter question, asking how Mickie developed the .” Mickie went home, but four weeks later, she received a call about being brought back to TV.

Mickie credits the creative team, including Stephanie Mc Mahon, with helping to flesh-out her initial idea.

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