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Now, as an adult he must come to terms with his own feelings and lust during his adolescence, but why is it he pictures his father touching him, kissing him, and making love to him?Thranduil is already in a relationship with Elrond, does Legolas really want to destroy that?Despite the advances in brain imaging, there are no MRI studies regarding deviant sexual behavior. Funding should be allocated to investigate the components of the brain contributing to sexual urges. stressed, anxious, bored), location, or type of person. A., Langevin, R., Bain, J., Frenzel, R., & Wright, P.

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Other drug therapies such as androgen-depleting synthetic steroids function similarly to antiandrogens by lowering testosterone levels. This suggests exhibitionist behavior may result from the need to satisfy an increased sexual drive. Similarly, psychopharmalogical treatments have attempted to the suppress libido of sexual deviants by interacting with sex hormones. Studies that use a larger sample size of exhibitionist may improve the existing knowledge on the origins of this disorder. After the Snow Ball, Eleven and Hopper are back to staying hidden, but Hop lets her see her friends once per month to keep her satisfied.

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