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As you probably know they built windmills in the late 1800's and then built engines....farm engines, stationary engines, marine engines, large diesels, submarine engines, gen sets, etc., etc.I've researched and found the names of 39 boats and their owners that had converted engines used in South Louisiana. Kathy Lingar Gentleman, Please remember what the subject of this thread is about, A Fairbanks engine 70ft under water. A lot of folks do not realize that it is common courtesy that if you have a question about another subject then you are to start a new thread.They were nicknamed FELEQUAK (sp) which is a name for a tall marsh bird that stands errect. Hope I did not offend anyone, just a little reminder to be courteous to others. I have a 4 HP impérial # 4434 engine, made by the Bruce Stewart & co in Charlettown PEI.

Then when you fail in executing their job, you don't hold yourself accountable, you blame them for your failures and you let them and others go as a scapegoat. If you would have done this your wouldn't have lost multi-million dollar projects forcing the layoffs of the people who actually got the work done nor would you continue to bleed from failed projects.Pros Jobs are very challenging in regards to management expectations.Full tuition reimbursement is offered to all employees.And don't think you are going to get honest feedback with your cult VPs and HR staff asking the questions.You are loosing good people and you are going to loose more.

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