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A few situations can heighten the excitement of a quickie, according to Queen. If you’re at a party and run into the bathroom for a quickie as described above, and no one knows about it, that can be really hot.There’s also the prospect of exhibitionism, for example, having sex in a public stairwell.

She is a regular contributor for various media sources, a sexuality consultant for medical organizations, and a contributing author in the books “Megan Andelloux's Hot and Fast: Sexy, Spontaneous Quickies for Passionate Orgasms is a must read for all couples with limited intimate time and in this busy world, and who doesn't need that?

And if you’re not the type to risk getting caught defiling your friend’s bathroom?

Try watching a TV show together and see if you can both finish before the commercial break is over.

Carol Queen, staff sexologist at adult toy store Good Vibrations points out, though, that the term “quickie” is relative.

“One person’s quickie is another person’s this-is-how-long-it-ever-goes,” she says.

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