For him dating poltava

Do you want to feel like a King who is going to meet his Queen?

Your hotel room or best private apartment in the city with all the modern facilities and design will create the atmosphere of luxury!

It will give you the opportunity to have a rest and think over your future plans.

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Souvenirs were sold from the benches: clay figures of fantastic creatures, wooden carvings, and pisankas (painted eggs).

It represented the history of Poltava from Ancient Rus to the present day and literary and historic characters connected with the region--such as Cossack leaders, Swedes, the writer Mikola Gogol, and Natalka Poltavka (a character in a play by Kotlyarevsky).

Participants dressed in embroidered shirts traveled on horses and in carts. A biplane flew by, and soon several parachutists landed on the field.

It is a beautiful Ukrainian town that makes a perfect place for searching your soul mate.

Poltava is located in the heart of Ukraine, and to say that this city belongs to one of the most beautiful historical cities of our country, with its green, clean and cozy streets, parks, lakes and forests around it, is to say nothing at all!

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