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The fact of the matter is, Uber and Lyft are not running a dating service, and passengers are not consenting to a romantic or sexual interaction when they request a ride.Happen to get in the car with someone you find attractive, strike up a conversation and exchange numbers? This has been happening in cabs, on planes, on trains since we invented public transportation. You can catch a ride, get where you’re going, and meet someone on your way.

Sure, it’s still considered socially acceptable to approach someone at a bar, but it’s riskier — for both that person and you.

“The idea of someone hitting on you in a Lyft is alarming because that ride is likely picking you up or dropping you off at your own address, and that gives a stranger access to way more information than you are consenting to,” Emily said.

“It’s also super creepy because if you’re taking a Lyft Line or an uber POOL, it could be because you’re not able to drive, because you’ve been drinking — so you’re not able to fully consent.” That’s one reason why uber POOL and Lyft Line are not and cannot be the new Tinder, as Re/code suggests — the interaction lacks the online dating app’s element of consent.

“Mitchell, 26, uses the carpool versions of Uber and Lyft — called uber POOL and Lyft Line — to meet women,” Carmel De Amicis writes in an article for Re/code.

“Although finding unexpected love or lust on a rideshare carpool might be fun for some, unwanted advances could easily feel like sexual harassment.

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