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Vision system: We are currently in development of a vision system featuring stereoscopic cameras in the robot's eyes, one near field camera and one wide angle camera.The eyes themselves have removable fronts, so that the eye color can easily changed by the end user.By subscribing at this time, you will be not only helping us advance the AI, but you will be giving us valuable feedback about the experience, so that we can most efficiently enhance the functionality of the app.You will also be able to access features that won’t even be available in the initial app store release, as we test and refine those features. We are designing the Harmony AI system to be fun and engaging, more than focusing on whether it can fool you into thinking it's a human being.Coupled with the customizable nature of the Harmony app, and the ever growing number of TTS synthesized voices available, one could truly create any character imaginable.

We plan to continue development on the platform including the addition of further points of actuation.Power and Processors: Power supply and processing will be external, housed in a small portable enclosure, which will contain rechargeable batteries sufficient for hours of unplugged use.Network Requirements: Internet connection required for full functionality of all features, specifically voice recognition and app login.Features: Animagnetic face system: We have been granted a patent on the design of this system.The key function of the design is that the end user is able to attach different faces to one animatronic skull base, while maintaining the articulations of the expression system.

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