Harare businessman denies dating maneta girlfriend dating shorter boyfriend

The rant continued: 'Why is a young person who socialises with someone much older automatically a whore, and the older person a sugar daddy?

The last 365 days had their fair share of newsmakers — those who made news for the right reasons — and the noisemakers, who graced the newspaper pages for the wrong reasons.

She also founded Vulnerable Women Development Trust, an NGO that seeks to empower the girl child.

In line with the NGO’s goals she performed free for Chikurubi Maximum Prison inmates, earlier this month, where she donated groceries and sanitarywear.

With his arch-rival Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo gone, “Extrabasso” had free reign as the King of Sungura.

During the last 12 months he featured in every high-profile event ranging from the Independence Gala, Heroesplush, Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day, where he earned himself a handshake from the President, the ZRP Commissioner-General’s Funfair, the ZRP Commissioner’s Charity Horse Race, Tourism Night and the Unity Gala.

During the year, Samanyanga released Sarawoga, his 61st studio album — that’s an album for every year he has been on Mother Earth.The talk-show host says she plans to introduce testimonies from ordinary people on her show starting next year.The former Air Force of Zimbabwe officer has proved a worth successor to his father Chopper’s legacy.Although it has received mixed reviews, it is proving a hit in kombis, at parties and during corporate road shows.The “Oprah Winfrey of Zimbabwe”, who is on record as joking that the US talk-show host should actually be called the “Mai Chisamba of the US”,, turned 60 on October 21.

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