Mike woods dating

So what's the verdict on this gorgeous weather hottie? Those consist of him either showing off his face and/or body, or posing with every celeb who comes by Fox 5 NY.

I wonder if he went there to also fuck Minneapolis weatherman Sven Sundgaard? He's got a hot body-his ass would be perfect for Mike to penetrate! I'm watching him give the forecast on Good Day NY in my doctor's office. but he's a famewhore, attentionwhore and loves himself a bit too much for my liking.He's incredibly muscular, really well-groomed, and has a certain "pingy" quality about him. I enjoy checking out his twitter and intagram for his pics.Maybe Cooper just wanted a "bad boy" and Mike was too nice for him."He's definitely into white guys, the whiter the better, a la Anderson Cooper pasty white.He is still friends with Anderson, but Ben does not get along with him at all". Anderson said Ben wasn't the jealous type so why would he dislike Woods?

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