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Loosely connected to the main cabin, and connected with covered walkways which according to the law made them all "one building", were four smaller four and five room "cabins".They had been built to house married children and their families.Inside Constance went one way, and I went the other passing the word for everyone to evacuate.We estimated the bridge was going to be washed out, probably within three or four hours.Sibyl worked for the firm Randy's family owned, and at one time Randy had been her supervisor.Sibyl had told me that Randy had an important job in the company but everyone knew he wasn't going any higher. The little creek had been flooded from the violent rain.The placid little mountain stream, usually a pleasant, quiet little trickle, was a churning, heaving white water rapid.

Except that Randy's great grandfather built a cabin here years before on land he bought before this was declared a National Park.

The law did not define what it considered a cabin, and over the years it had grown considerably.

The main "cabin" was now an eight room, two story house.

He was too much of a playboy, too impetuous, and his judgement had proven skewed when he overcame those obstacles.

I'd seen some of the chances he took personally, and understood why the staid family establishment had no desire to see him running things.

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