Outlook unread mail folder not updating

The upside is that it offers unique customization options including the ability to choose exactly what you want included in the Unified Inbox view by adjusting and adding more queries. Application txt Search = "folder: Inbox received: (this week)" my Ol App. Search txt Search, ol Search Scope All Folders Set my Ol App = Nothing End Sub Sub Unified Sentbox() Dim my Ol App As New Outlook.Application txt Search = "folder: (Sent Mail) sent: (this week)" my Ol App. However, if you are searching alot you may not be able to find it every time.You may notice a “Search Folder” option in the “Folder” pane.In fact, all this macro does is run the search from Method 1 outlined above – in one click.The downside is that it still needs to be run every time you open the client.However, this only lets you create search folders using data from individual accounts – Not something we can use to make a full Outlook unified inbox with.

Though usually not recommended, force quitting an app (also know as force closing an app) is a great solution when nothing else seems to work for that specific app.To help out, we’ve gathered a couple of the best ways MS Outlook users can set up a unified inbox – or as close to one as Outlook will allow.Skill Level – The simplest method for getting a unified inbox in your Microsoft Outlook client is by using it’s search.Look for 9646 events in the application log of the Server technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb676486(EXCHG.80)social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/outlook/thread/…I don't know if anybody has reported this before, but since we upgraded to Outlook 2016, we found that selecting "Marking all as read" doesn't work the first time a user tries.

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