Problems with dating a stripper

I could probably live with guys looking at my gf/wife naked... My observation is that, just as in any other field, there are people of character and people of lesser character.but no way I am going to put up with them feelin up her boobies and other various goodies that are meant for me. While most people might place dancers in the latter category, I dated one -- and knew several others -- who fell into the former category.To answer the original question, yes I would be willing to date a stripper. Most men would probably date dancers whether they would admit it or not but the question is would you respect her knowing that she does lap dances for a living ? There are guys out there that can handle dating a stripper, but to be honest, most guys can't.I can, and I have - both strippers and ex-strippers - and I didn't have a problem with it then. It would be a novelty to them so they could brag to their buddies.You can always write to me if you have any problems with dating. No sex, just entertainment, they have to be stone cold sometimes, fake being hot with other customers, and the emotional baggage they accumulate is overwhelming.

All of them deserve and demand the respect given to anyone else. I don't know if the question is being asked right ? They have great boyfriends who not only have no problems with their jobs, but are supportive as well.

You date the girl, not the i would ,nothing wrong in that i guess its just another job some strippers are there just to dance and of course make good money they go around showing off there bodies off all the power to them aspecily the good looking ones and they grind there bodies on men for that private dance.

and if your lucky you get to touch there nice smelling body on you so i say to you ladies that are stripper all the power to you ladies remember when men are in the strip clubs the women are the ones that have all the power and control................

I will defenitely date a pretty girl like you, anytime.

Only troble is I live in Alberta Canada and I am a much older man.

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