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It has been suggested that MSC may be similar to vascular smooth muscle cells (SMC), pericytes or endothelial-like cells since MSC progeny express several vascular SMC markers and are contractile (Perkins and Fleischman, 1990; Bianco , 2003).Also pericytes and MSC both respond to PDGF-BB, which is involved in recruiting pericytes, as well as supporting bone marrow MSC colony-forming ability (Gronthos and Simmons, 1995; Hirschi and D'Amore, 1996).

Louis, MO, USA) and fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) sorted on a Mo Flo flow cytometer using Cyclops SUMMIT software (Version 3.1; Cytomation Inc., Fort Collins, CO, USA).Human endometrium has immense regenerative capacity, growing ~5 mm in 7 days every month.We have previously identified a small population of colony-forming endometrial stromal cells which we hypothesize are mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).Each month, the upper two-thirds that forms the functionalis layer is shed at menstruation and regenerates from the remaining basalis layer under the control of fluctuating plasma sex steroid hormone levels (Padykula, 1991).The human endometrium is the only adult tissue that contains a substantial stroma that regularly regenerates under normal physiological conditions.

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