Sex talk in oc

So, Kelly wants her mom to find geriatric love so can finally grow up and become a real live mature person? Vicki got out her Rolodex of Hallmark cards to locate words of wisdom for telling Michael he better not knock up his girlfriend without a contract. After starting all the fights, Kelly has decided she doesn’t want to do the fights anyone, so it’s time to just move on.

Vicki dodged a bullet named Brooks and must protect her money, so Michael gets the world’s most overdue sex-ed chat which involves something about comparing his penis to a sneaker. Except Shannon and moving on, are like Tamra and the truth, aka not copacetic.

Meanwhile Shannon is sitting at home waiting for an apology while practicing her plate toss. I just know that when you bond over loose bladders and that time you got so pissed at said soulhate you peed your WHITE pants, you’re probably better as frienemies than enemies.

That’s Tamra’s plan – to have Kelly’s redemption tour spiral into an apology to Shannon, ostracizing Vicki in the process. Which is kind of like peeing your pants on your frienemy’s bed during her bachelorette trip, right? there’s just entirely too much prissiness going on at RHOC.

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At some point, you're going to have friends or family come in from other cities to visit, and they’re going to ask you to show them around “The OC.” First, get them to stop calling it The OC.

But bigger, better, bitter, right, cause Shannon and Tamra will have to face their fears of Vicki to attend Meghan’s Sip and See. Why on earth would you try to have a discussion about sex with your 8-yer-old on camera after you overheard him saying the phrase “sexy lady.”There on the sandy beaches, Lydia treated poor Stirling to a PSA from Jesus about the Adams & The Eves. ” Obviously since the Bible is open to interpretation Lydia realizes there’s a glitch in her philosophizing because Jesus actually wasn’t married, and therefore would never have been like doing the dirty. And Sigmund Freud is rising from his grave just to take on this case study!

In the aftermath of Brooks (or Vicki 2.0, AB: After Brooks) she is taking precautions and wrapping shit up. “My plan is to out-puppet the new puppet master,” Kelly explains.Kelly believes all people age like Benjamin Button and the kids become the parents someday. Now I think Meghan wants Jimmy to just be the full-time nanny?It’s Kelly’s duty to save her mother’s social life. Kelly’s quest to prove she’s a grown up continues by making amends with Shannon and Tamra.Second, you’re going to need to let them know about these 31 things before you go anywhere.Nor is it "North San Diego." There's nothing Orange County people hate more than being considered a collective suburb of either larger city.

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