Southern belle dating

Many outsiders love the charm of the Southern belle.

What Southerners put above all else are breeding and manners. I can only imagine that they think a Southern belle is a woman who drinks iced tea and eats grits.

The Junior League is a longtime tradition for Southern belles. I want to be a member of the Junior League as soon as I am old enough.

The league has always been an organization where belles were required to work at a charitable endeavor, just like in all Junior Leagues.

Throughout the South, belles put out silver that is dented and bent with large scratches.

The belles just smile and say "My great-grandmother hid this from the Yankees by burying it in her yard during the War of Northern Aggression." They are proud of their great-grandmothers for doing this.

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    Intimacy—romantic or otherwise—is a beautiful and precious gift God has given to his children.