Validating memory

With the cluster validation wizard, you can run a set of focused tests on a collection of servers that you intend to use as nodes in a cluster.This cluster validation process tests the underlying hardware and software directly, and individually, to obtain an accurate assessment of how well failover clustering can be supported on a given configuration.In computer modeling and simulation, the process of determining the degree to which a model or simulation is an accurate representation of the real world from the perspective of the intended uses of the model or simulation.3.

The downside is that suspend/resume times have increased quite noticeably.

I spent last night researching this topic on this forum, and today experimenting with different settings during the regular course of my day.

I'm still not fully satisfied with my results, so I'm throwing this one out to the group: What's the optimal method for validating that the memory allocation for a Win XP VM is in the proverbial sweet spot, i.e.

32 MB flash with ECC Simple redundancy is NOT a good test; if a data bit were stuck high or low, it would pass that test.

Hi, I'm about to purchase this NUC online, along with ssd and memory, I am not 100% sure about my choices.

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