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The new rector objected to its proposed position and design. The article traces the resulting case through its hearing at Lambeth revealing the underlying proposed Gothic Revival restoration of the chancel. Reviews the accepted identification of medieval effigies in the cathedral. Considers the evidence identifying the tombs of several medieval bishops some of which have been removed from their original locations.Also examines three tombs brought to Chichester from Lewes at the Dissolution and identifies them.More famous because of its location and subject was Boehm’s monument to Arthur Stanley, Dean of Westminster 1882-4.Also examines Howard tombs at Lanercost Priory, Frank Holly 1888-93 at St Paul’s Cathedral and Benjamin Disraeli at Westminster Abbey. Shows that tombs at Westminster, which showed many stylistic innovations, had become a regular tourist attraction in the early 17C which resulted in their being copied or adapted by those who saw them for regional use.

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Examines particularly the Coronation of BVM images which use perspective otherwise absent on rest of brass. Describes the armour on the effigy of Sir Henry de Cobham d.Suggests connection with paintings of Jean Pucelle active in Paris in 1320s. c.1316 at Shorne, Kent and Sir Richard de Westcote d. Comments on the nature of the armour particularly the coifs worn by these effigies, their sword belts and spurs.Shows Pucellian originals influencing style in other media. Early 17C memorial sculpture saw introduction of classical learning in design.John Physick: The tombs of Henry IV and Black Prince at Canterbury were in poor condition in 1844 – Richard Westmacott was asked to investigate - £1600 the estimated cost of restoration.Scott reported on state of Westminster royal effigies – to repair, restore or replace?

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