Webcams no credit cards

It’s really about the rise of cheap webcams flooding the market. That’s because low-cost security cameras can sometimes be a window letting hackers into your home.“Cheap webcams are mostly from untrusted sources, without any protection or very limited protection,” says Steven Chen, CEO of PFP Cybersecurity, a company that provides early warning security services for all sorts of Internet-connected devices and services companies. According to Gartner, the Internet of Things — a collection of everything from Internet-connected cars to webcams — included nearly 5 billion gadgets last year.

This Microsoft webcam is capable of producing HD video with a resolution of 720p.

Additionally, the microphone on the webcam contains noise-reduction features to enhance its audio quality.

Aside from the audio and video quality, users also appreciate its ease-of-use and the fact that there’s no software to install — all you need to do is plug in it to begin using the webcam. The Logitech HD Webcam C310 is an affordable webcam that still performs very strongly.

But firmware isn’t a feature that looks flashy on the side of a box, so few people think about it when buying a security camera. Shodan, a search engine that scours the Internet of Things, is cataloging all sorts of images from unsecured devices that’s probably best left private, like footage of sleeping babies.

That revelation led to some labeling Shodan the villain — but the real problem remains the unsecured cameras feeding the site’s voyeuristic search results.

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