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The show went on a brief hiatus during the month of August as Shane was recovering from an injury. The fourth season of Shane and Friends released on January 15, 2016.

On March 30, 2016, Fullscreen Media officially announced that the show would be available on Fullscreen SVOD.

(This is Joey Graceffa's third podcast appearance.)Shane and Jessie interview Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese. Shane and Jessie talk with one of the stars of Dawson's movie Not Cool, Drew Monson. Also, they clear up tension between Drew and Jessie due to previous comments made by Drew towards Jessie on episode 42.

They discuss Daniel's feelings towards playing an outspoken, gay role, and how he's handled it. Shane and Jessie talk with Lauren Schnipper, Shane's ex-producer and former co-host of the podcast. Shane and Jessie search for interview Greyson Chance and discuss the perils of puberty, lyrics out of context, and find out what happens when someone calls Jessie "ma'am". Shane and Jess interview Christine Sydelko and Elijah Daniel.

She was only twelve years old when she started acting in the movies.

I love interviewing people and getting them to talk about things they’ve never talk about." In 2015, i Tunes featured the show in their "Best of 2015" podcast list.

As of April 2016 it also airs on Fullscreen in a talk show format, with the podcast being filmed in a new studio. The episode featured an interview with You Tube personality and singer Rebecca Black.

Shane and Jessie interview Vine star Brittany Furlan. To help promote the show, the video recorded podcast is released on Shane's You Tube channel.

They discuss films Brttany has acted on such as; We Are Your Friends.

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