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Elliott may be in the peak of his career but what he enjoys now was not even thinkable back then.Born as Efraym Elliott Yamin on July 20, 1978, his name easily indicates his family background. His mother Claudette married a painter named Shaul Yamin that eventually became the father of Elliott and his brother Scott.The album was certified gold in the United States in October 2007.Retitled Wait for You, the album was released in Japan in May 2008 and certified gold in that country in September 2008.The album's first single, "Fight for Love", premiered on AOL Music on February 13, 2009.His third album, Gather 'Round was released in Japan in 2011.It was recorded as the highest ever debut for an independent artist in the history of Billboard magazine. Fame sipping in, he has been attending album signings and TV appearances to promote the album.Under such publication and high motivation, Elliott can easily butter up his way to reign music industry.

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“It always helps to get to know who you’re recording with, and we had ample time to share stories and figure out the best way to approach the song and get to work.

Having a persona that is indefinable and a life story so inspiring, Elliott Yamin owns the ultimate combination that makes people grow interest in him.

So alluring that he received instant rave reviews for the release of his singles 'Movin' On' and 'Wait For You'.

When the final votes were counted it was almost a dead even race between the three artists, Idol proclaimed it was their closest vote to date, but Elliott was eliminated.

Yamin’s rendition that season of Donny Hathaway’s “A Song For You” was voted as the 16th greatest performance ever on Idol by Entertainment Weekly magazine.

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