You dating skyler

I just think if she’s able to accept herself and Em is able to accept himself than why shouldn’t I be able to accept myself too?

They come across as very confident and it makes me inspired to accept myself for who I am. I’m constantly morphing because I’m discovering new things in the studio. But there’s something happening with me in the studio right now that seems kind of magical, all the sounds I ever envisioned coming together are coming together now.

It’d be kind of interesting to try something with [Lil’] Wayne.

And then about a week ago I got a call from her team and they wondered if I could come to Scotland and do the song with them. I personally think as a fan it’s a nice contrast to her other singles on the record. When you first heard her verses, which tell of a bitter relationship, possibly her own, what was your response?

So yeah, it was the debut of this single featuring me. I don’t know who actually played it for her initially, or the beginning of the song, but she somehow got it in her hands and finished it. When I heard that she was taking the song I was surprised because it’s not a typical kind of song for her.

I’m sure she was great, though, because she’s got a very strong personality and can wear a lot of hats well. There is talk of something, but I don’t have anything confirmed.

I don’t think the EMAs performance was a one-and-done thing.

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